Translating Nature Project

In 2021 I started to work on a project called “Translating Nature”.  This has ultimately led to the three pieces of work shown:

  • Vessel “Hope” (20cm x 13cm x 36cm tall)
  • Pods “Progression” (As a set – 10cm x 9cm x 26cm tall)
  • Picture “Journey” (66cm x 71cm tall)

The project was inspired by my membership of Design Nation and the frequent meetings of the Nottinghamshire group as we supported each other during the Covid pandemic lockdowns.  Find out more about the project on the group website here.  The culmination of the project was an exhibition at The Hub in Sleaford in Spring 2023 where my vessel “Hope” and the pods “Progression” were on display.

I had always intended to round off my collection with a framed picture but for several reasons I was not able to complete this in time for the exhibition.  Despite missing that deadline, the idea for the piece was deeply rooted in my mind and needed to emerge from there to the sketchbook and ultimately into felt.  “Journey” really has been a journey!

All three pieces reflect my emotions and experiences through lockdown, particularly my walks in nature.  On top of that, I wanted to continue to challenge myself with the technical challenge of incorporating words on the work.  After initially sampling a group of three small vessels, I moved to one vessel which became “Hope”.  This has a blend of nine varieties of wool to represent my emotional journey from the darker times of lockdown to lighter, brighter times.  Once Hope was complete, I still wanted to create a set of three, hence the pods “Progression”.  The final piece, “Journey”, is more focused on the technical challenge of creating a spiral of my words.  This time the colour shift from pale grey to dark reflects my outward expression as I became stronger in myself.

The works are available for sale, either individually or as a complete set.  Please contact me if you are interested.  Do note, these are one-off items – once they are sold, I will not re-make them.

Whitefaced Woodland Sheep in Yorkshire (Photo courtesy of Gam Farm Rare Breeds)