Felt can be made in a variety of thicknesses and colours and combines beautifully with other natural fabrics and yarns. There really are no limits! My work is often based on colour and explores the combination of felt with other natural materials. More recently I have been exploring the use of natural wool fibres and wool yarns most of which are British breeds, and adding in some elements of colour with dyed merino wool fibres. Examples include felt bowls, doorstops, cubbyholes, cubby bowls and pebble bowls. My inspiration comes from nature, the beautiful Scottish coastline and specifically pebbles and ferns and their lovely colours and forms.


Unique hand made felt doorstops inspired by pebbles and the coastline of South West Scotland, and photographed in a variety of settings. Each one features a quirky tail for easy movement. They exude their own personality especially when viewed in a group.

Pebble Bowls

Inspired by my love of sea worn pebbles and their interesting colours and markings, my range of pebble bowls are hand made using mainly British breed wool fibres of differing varieties, combined with an assortment of natural wool yarns felted in for distinctive linear pebble markings.

Sketch Bowls

These Sketch Bowls explore our great British Wool Breeds, and British Wool yarns are used to create a sketched detail.